Anatomical Bridle Aures with memory foam | Royal series


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Our premium class bridle – Aures – was designed in cooperation with our physiotherapists to achieve maximum comfort for Your horse. Since our main goal is Your horse’s wellness, this bridle uses the unique technology of paddings filled with memory foam!

Our team tried very hard to save Your horse from discomfort and pain and to hold a fashionable design of the bridle at the same time. We decided to create an elegant black bridle with brass elements. The browband was decorated with onyx-like rhinestones.

The  lacquered noseband was filled with memo foam and has a special cut to set free the zygomatic bone.

The crownpiece is thick, wide and also filled with memo foam, thanks to the special shape and the padding, it secures Your horses nuchal ligament.

Our designer thought also about the rider, so we added special reins to this set – full leather reins are also padded with a thin layer of memo foam and its mounted on hooks. This increases the comfort of use (sure grip) and You can even ride with no gloves.

UP Horses is the first brand to use memory foam so commonly, so if You wish to make Your horse happy and comfortable, there is no better choice!

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