About us

UP Horses is a division of UP Design company founded in 2014. UP Horses (once UP Design for Horses) has arisen from many years of passion for riding and love for horses. Our goal was to provide comfort for the horse and the rider. Guided by these principles, we decided to create a line of high quality equestrian equipment that will meet the expectations of the the most skilled riders and horse breeders, but at the same time will have a unique, sophisticated design. Since the very beginning UP Horses products were making happy our customers mainly in Poland, however after many calls and e-mails from Europe, we decided to go global, making the first choice products available worldwide.

Our products are designed in Poland. Made of excellent leather and other high quality materials, to prevent losing their properties, so owners may enjoy using them for years. All products go through a rough quality verification by our professionals before sale to ensure satisfaction with your purchase. We are best known of great anatomical bridles with super soft memo-foam filling and beautiful browbands.

Comfort Your horse with ultimate quality tack and enjoy riding the premium way… Only with UP Horses.